If you are interested in camping with Auto Sub fill out our questionnaire HERE!

What to expect when you’re expecting to join Auto Sub on the playa:

    • Water
    • One meal a day in the form of camp dinner in the evenings
    • 4-5 kegs of ¬†beer and bar
    • Shade infrastructure
      • Campers are required to bring shade cloth and tarp (size is tbd)
    • Seating area in the shade
    • Public lounge
    • Steam bath for campers only
    • Big ass dome for parties and events
      • You can climb on it!
  • Camp is capped at 45 people
  • Camper responsibilities
    • 4 kitchen shifts
      • Cooler organization, food prep, clean up, and ice
    • 2 bar shifts
  • Dues are $450 per person until 7/1 when they increase to $500