Automatic Subconscious Organization … hey, we’re working on it!

A wise man once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

With our glorious placement on the main strip on the playa, we make it our damn job to give back to our community through incredible events. In order to support these dynamic events, we need a camp of dedicated burners who commit to making that happen: they light shit, power shit, sound shit, and booze the shit out of everyone else. Part of bringing together a bunch of passion-forward savages, unfortunately, also means that we have feed them, hydrate them, keep them safe-ish, and clean up after ourselves.

Everyone who is part of AutoSub is expected to help make the camp happen. As a camp, AutoSubers share our resources and we share our responsibilities to help reduce the amount of time we’re at Working Man, and increase the amount of time at Burning Man.


Pods (aka Roles and Responsibili-tities)

  • Kitchen
  • Water
  • Power
  • Safety 3rd
  • LNT
  • Dome
  • Structure & Grounds
  • Virgin
  • Bar
  • Trash/Recycling
  • Early crew
  • Late crew
  • Workshop
  • Safe Word
  • Events!

Kitchen Pod
Responsible for pre-Playa dietary survey, recruiting chefs (who are responsible for securing their own prep & cleanup help), making menus & food lists, purchasing all the food, stocking and organizing the kitchen. Ensure that Early Crew is well-fed prior to arrival on-playa. Communicate with individual cooks and all camp members to ensure the smooth and proper operation of the kitchen throughout the week. Coordinate with Bar Pod regarding shared resources and shared storage space. The Kitchen Pod Leader will be a member of the Early Crew.

Power & Water 
Set up, maintain & break down the power and water requirements of the camp. Make sure that there is sufficient fuel, a good write up of instructions, training other users, emergency fixes etc. Generators, evaporation pond, power distribution, etc. Coordinate with LNT Pod regarding alternative energy possibilities. Coordinate with other pods to determine overall camp power needs. The P&W Pod Leader will be a member of the Early Crew. 

Leave No Trace & Safety 3rd
Put in place and monitor the camp’s waste stream. Divert recyclables and compost. Put into place a logical and streamlined trash handling setup. Look at overall camp needs and look into possible solutions that would have a smaller environmental impact. For example, bio-diesel generator, composting in Reno, recycling, evaporation of grey water etc. Responsible for the execution of daily trash system maintenance. Responsible for the execution of daily MOOP sweeps throughout Camp. Responsible for first aid kit maintenance, disposition of fire extinguishers & knowledge of campmate’s allergic reactions, etc. Coordinate with B&G Pod for logical placement of trash as the week progresses. Coordinate with Kitchen Pod regarding placement of trash system within Kitchen area. The LNT&S Pod Leader will be a member of both the Early Crew and Late Crew.

Structure & Grounds
Keep the whole thing together. Layout the camp prior to the event and adjust to reality once on playa. Oversea the erection of Camp structures (including the Dome, Kitchen, Common Shade and fences). Tear all of the shit down & send it back from whence it came. Ensure that things are protected from high winds, heat, cold & all of us drunken mortals. Coordinate with Art Pod and individual artists regarding placement of art in reasonable locations.The B&G Pod Leader will be a member of the Early Crew.

Virgin Pod

Set up, maintain & break down any and all watering holes of the camp. Determine supply needs, purchase all alcohol and mixers (minus Camp beer), make up E-Z Drinks for Camp Members, recruit bartenders and plan bar storage/security. Coordinate with entertainment Pod to gauge popularity and time schedule of events. Coordinate with Kitchen Pod regarding shared resources and storage space. Coordinate with B&G Pod regarding logical and efficient bar placement. Coordinate with Fluffer Pod to help ensure high camper morale regarding frosty beverages.


The Early Crew
Serves as the Crew Chief and Foreman. Responsible for recruiting and coordinating the efforts of the early crew. Coordinate with B&G Pod regarding the planned vs practical camp layout. Coordinate with Kitchen Pod regarding early transportation and shopping details.

Late Crew
Responsible for overseeing camp breakdown, final MOOP sweep, inventory of camp supplies, loading Reno truck and loading Boston truck. Also responsible in Reno for unloading the Reno truck into the storage unit, making the dump run, cleaning and return of rental truck. The Late Crew Lead serves as the Crew Chief and Foreman. Responsible for recruiting and coordinating the efforts of the late crew. Coordinate with LNT pod regarding the proper sorting of Trash, recyclables, et

Responsible for setting up, maintaining and & breaking down the shop. Fix anything that needs it. Fix some that don’t. Help the general community, inventory supplies & materials. Coordinate with P&W Pod regarding Power needs. Coordinate with LNT&S Pod regarding safety procedures in the Shop.

Responsible for securing acts & performers for the stage, scheduling these along with camp member calendar events. Coordinate with P&W pod regarding power demands. Coordinate with Sound Pod regarding demands of each performance, when possible. Coordinate with Bar Pod regarding expected hours and popularity of events.

Fluffer Nightengale Pod
Responsible for boosting the day-to-day morale of camp members. Organize and disseminate snacks and/or beverages to laborers. Coordinate with Bar Pod regarding beverage resources. Coordinate with Kitchen Pod regarding food resources, recipes, etc. Communicate with Camp Leader regarding serious morale concerns.